Производство на пелени

Buildimex Ltd. Was formed 2006 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Currently, its primary activity of the company lies in producing disposable absorbent bedsheets and underbed pads, disposable civil, medical and surgical face masks, recycling of cellulose and polymers, and make distribution of whole type of incontinence products

Throughout the years we have proved to be a reliable partner who is flexible and provides uniformly top-quality products. In the domestic market in Bulgaria, our brands are well-known as brand “Alivio” for adult incontinence care products and “Bambis” as baby care products. They have national coverage, as they are presented in all pharmacy shops and show the best market results.

Since 2018 we produce disposable absorbent bedsheets and underpads. Currently we use state-of-the-art equipment, specially designed for the production of a wide range of designs for disposable absorbent bedsheets and underpads.

In 2019, the Company funded a project aimed at recycling. It has since made an assembly line for recycling incontinence product and baby diapers on their main components as cellulose, fluff pulp and polymers, which are the waste products from our own production. Also, Company regularly fulfilling external recycling orders from other clients for same products.

With this project, the Company contributes to the balance in nature with a view to the reuse of such valuable materials, which prevents the felling of trees, which are essentially the lungs of the planet and thus protects our nature. The Company is certified with the prestigious nature protection certificate FSC.

In 2020, the Company started producing of disposable civil, medical and surgical face masks, according to the requirements of EN 14683:2019 + AC 2019 and ISO 13485.

Our productions facility is located in Cherven Bryag, Pleven District, on an area of 6000 m2, close to the capital Sofia and key international transport arteries. Our warehouses are located in Cherven Bryag and Plovdiv on a total area of about 11 000 square meters.

We strive to provide our customers with solutions, tailored to their needs and intentions, so that they can, in turn, respond to the market challenges and build a successful brand.  In addition to our own brands, we accept OEM / ODM service.