Male and female incontinence

Мъжка и дамска инконтиненция

It is useful to know that up to 8 urinations per twenty-four-hour period are accepted as normal condition. If this happens more often to you then it will certainly mean that there is some disease and therefore your general practitioner should direct and refer you to see an urologist.

Both genders may suffer from this problem but women are more likely to have it.

The assumption that the incontinence is an inevitable consequence of aging is wrong.
A survey conducted amongst 16 776 people from different countries indicates that overactive bladder syndrome occurs among 16,6 % of women and 16% of men – therefore affecting average about 22 million people from the European countries.
Almost 40% of the patients with overactive bladder remain undiagnosed because they do not know that a treatment does exist or because the general practitioner has underestimated their problem.

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